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Welcome to Harrys!

Cafe located in Sopot

Culture, art and cooking combine people with different tastes and interests.

That’s why at Harrys Art & Cafe you will meet a good music lover, a Sicilian wine fan, a chess amateur, as well as all those who wish to relax with a colorful drink and a tasty snack.

Your place in Sopot!

Good wines and cocktails

Find something you need

Everything you like...

Fit snacks

Salads, cheeseboards, tarts, panini


Aromatic Sicilian wine


Delicious homemade cakes

Coffee, tea

Every moment of the day is good enough for an aromatic espresso or a green tea.


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The atmosphere of the place, the people, the location, the great cuisine and the richly stocked bar make the Harrys Art & Cafe the perfect place for an evening out with friends or a business lunch during the day.

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