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  • Future of mining may be on the ocean floor CNBC

    Future of mining may be on the ocean floor. Mining for minerals such as copper could become more efficient and cause fewer environmental problems if miners look for their minerals at the

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  • Gallery of native element minerals for sale native gold

    Below is a gallery of Native Element mineral specimens for sale from John Betts Fine Minerals in New York City NY. Native elements are naturally occurring mineral specimens of pure elements. Included in this group are native elements for sale of native gold native silver native copper native lead native arsenic bismuth sulfur platinum antimony diamonds and graphite.

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  • Heres what you need to know about the deepsea gold rush

    The deep ocean is one of the leastunderstood ecosystems on earth. So how can we accurately predict (and mitigate) the risks of deepsea mining? Heres a look at the big questions facing the next gold rush. How does deepsea mining work? There are three main ways to get minerals from deepsea mines:

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  • List Minerals Associated with Gold

    Diamonds are associated with gold in Brazil and also occasionally in the Urals and in the United States. In auriferous quartz lodes the minerals most commonly associated with gold are iron and copper pyrites zinc blende galena and tetradymite. Tellurides of gold are very widely distributed.

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  • Mineral Resources from the Ocean building river sea

    Placer Gold Tin Titanium and Diamonds. Placer deposits are accumulations of resistant and insoluble minerals that have been eroded from their original locations of formation and deposited along river courses or at the ocean margins. The most important of these deposits contain gold tin

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  • Underwater Mining Companies

    Underwater mining is still in its infancy. There are only two underwater mining companies exploring the potential of offshore mining. But the current boom in metals may cause the undersea hunt to

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  • Kona Deep Sea Minerals Healthy Living

    Kona Deep Sea MineralsWith Trace Minerals Minerals and Trace Minerals Are The Most Foundational Nutritional Building Blocks of Our Bodys Molecules 8 Quick facts about our Kona Deep Sea Minerals product Kona Minerals come from a deep water mineral rich ocean zone (3 000 feet below sealevel) near Keyhole Point Kona Hawaii.

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  • Deep sea mining

    Deep sea mining is a mineral retrieval process that takes place on the ocean floor.Ocean mining sites are usually around large areas of polymetallic nodules or active and extinct hydrothermal vents at 1 400 to 3 700 metres (4 600 to 12 100 ft) below the oceans surface. The vents create globular or massive sulfide deposits which contain valuable metals such as silver gold copper

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  • Mining For Gold On The Ocean Floor? CBS News

    Mining For Gold On The Ocean Floor? April 2 2009 / 1:43 PM / AP There's gold in that thar sea floor. Silver copper zinc and lead too. leaching precious minerals from the surrounding rock.

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  • Marine minerals « World Ocean Review

    Marine minerals > Natural gas and oil have been extracted from the seas for deca­­des but the ores and mineral deposits on the sea floor have attracted little interest. Yet as resource prices rise so too does the appeal of ocean mining. The excavation of massive sulphides and manganese nodules is expected to begin within the next few years.

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