the use of gold post apocalyptic

  • What would be the currency of the postapocalypse?

    What would be the currency of the postapocalypse? Close. 129. Posted by. u/Thunder Panda. 6 years ago. Archived. What would be the currency of the postapocalypse? After civilization has been destroyed and people are using what they can to buy goods what will they use for exchange? Forests will be veritable gold mines.

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  • Money in a PostApocalyptic World Survive the Apocalypse

    Guest Post By The Future King of Upper Michigan Check your pockets right now. Money in a PostApocalyptic World your grandmothers jewelry wont do the trick. After the collapse gold and silver become just shiny soft metals so pawn that now and buy something that could be useful.

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  • 10 PostApocalyptic Currencies More Valuable Than Gold

    Salt. Salt is literally the original currency. Consider the word salary and you start to get theLive Chat
  • What would be the value of gold and jewelry in a post

    Many of these foods would not be available in a postapocalyptic society but presumably food and grain still grows and chickens can be fed on peas corn beans and insects (e.g. termite farming can provide a good source of protein for chickens and the chickens will do much of the work once you stir the nest).

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  • Would gold have value in a postapocalyptic world? Quora

    i imagine so Gold is a currency everywhere. There is no economy in this world where gold have no tradable value a good sign for a postapocalyptic currency. its use went back to the old days where valuable metals like gold silver and copper i...

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  • 25 best postapocalyptic games to go nuts [Shortlist]

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat (9.5/10) And here we are the top of the crop STALKER. HighestLive Chat
  • PostApocalyptic currency? worldbuilding

    I'm currently trying to develop a postapocalyptic setting for an adventure story and I was wondering what kind of currency the inhabitants of the American wastes might use. I first envisioned them using a purely barter system but for the purposes of the story I'd like to have them be able to

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  • Top 10 Post Apocalyptic Currencies More Valuable Than Gold

    Without that trust and organization (organized apocalypsefree civilization) trade cant function using money with nothing further to recommend it whether it is gold or anything else.

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  • gold What assets would be valuable in a postapocalyptic

    The physical security issue is a big limiting factor. In a postapocalyptic scenario it goes back to who is bigger stronger and better armed. One thing does come to mind knowledge. Prepare yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to survive in such a scenario and you will be invaluable.

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